The National Water Supply & Drainage Board (NWSDB)-Sri Lanka is consisted of large number of water intakes (from various types of sources), water treatment plants, water supply schemes and more regional offices located all over the country. Similarly, a large number of employees are involved in various tasks at their work places or sites scattered island-wide.

Every year, the need for pipe-born water increases. Accordingly, there is a recruiting process running throughout the year resulting a significant amount of unskilled staff added to the entire workforce every year. Also, annual and time to time employee transfers displaces employees from their routine duties. Employing an unskilled personal is disadvantageous for the production of drinkable water or any other process.  Anyhow no one can control it due to rapid expansions of plants and sources. Only the single practical solution is providing proper training for them before assigning them on their duties. This is the responsibility of training division of NWSDB; the Manpower Development & Training Division (MDTD).  Not only the NWSDB employees, there is a crowd outside the organization; in-country and overseas, seeking training opportunities specially on water sector activities.  By making available training online, NWSDB can suffice this training requirements while also cutting off some of its existing cost factors too.

This Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or the Online Learning System (OLS) of NWSDB - Sri Lanka, brings fantastic online courses to NWSDB employees and for the outside requesters. In other words, this is a web-based self-learning environment where its courses are specially designed by our subject matter experts to give you an interactive learning experience and well enriched contents.

The Concept Map of OLS - NWSDB

What is Online Learning and How it Works?

There is no single definition for Online Learning. It includes learning with the assistance of the Internet and a personal computer. The term e-learning, or electronic learning, often is used interchangeably with online learning.  Online learning is a way of studying for a specific qualification/skill without attending classes or a particular institution.

Online learning can consist of both real-time interactions; such as in collaborate, as well as interactions, which occur over extended periods of time, email or an online discussion. Courses will be broken up into modules that contain the learning content and activities which are specially designed & developed to suit for accessing through a web page.  Each module usually contains text readings, illustrations, animations, videos and many more interactive activities that aim to enhance the learner’s knowledge, skills and also their attitudes. All necessary instructions are there that need to learn and complete the quizzes and assignments. Given learning activities will vary in each module and learner has to complete these modules within a given time period.

The important benefit of online learning is that it can span time and distance. You do not have to be in the same place as your resource personal / trainer to obtain the training or the course related information. Even if you are attending a different activity outside the country, you can access your course documents along with consistent interaction with other participants and the instructor of the online course through internet.

E-learning courses are known as anytime, anywhere courses.