Accurate flow measurement is an important matter in water purification and distribution. Selecting suitable flow meter type and install it in correct manner are important factors. This course is designed to gain theoretical and practical knowledge on bulk flow meters. It covers about flow meter types of Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic etc. Operating principles common errors and best practices .

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At present, Geographical Information System (GIS) is using anywhere in world.

National Water Supply & Drainage Board – Sri Lanka, use pneumatic application for the water works applications. This training programme will enhance your knowledge and skills on maintenance of Pneumatic Systems of your work sites.

This course will be advantageous to Engineers, Engineering Assistants and also to Plant Technicians / Electricians / Mechanics

A sound knowledge and specious skills along with encouraging attitudes enable you to perform well at the Water Treatment Plant.  This course will enable learner to operate and maintain Drinking Water Treatment Plants effectively and efficiently.  Following areas will cover at this introductory phase of the course.

·         Unit Process

·         Routine operation and maintenance activities

·         Water Quality Concerns       

This course is to impress the necessity of wastewater management for human health (prevention of water borne diseases), healthy fauna & flora and mitigation of pollution of water bodies via proper Wastewater Management Systems.  By following this course you will be able to plan the wastewater management system and design in your environment contributing better sanitation.

This course will be highly beneficial to engineers, engineering undergraduates, environmentalists, chemists, biologists and professionals working or interested in the wastewater field. 

This course is completely online.